PD Maurizio Calcagni


Skin tissue engineering, tendon healing and adhesions, 3D motion analysis of the hand and wrist

What we investigate

The team led by Maurizio Calcagni works on the following projects:

  • Tissue engineering of skin and production of cultivated keratinocytes
  • Tendon healing and adhesion
  • 3D motion analysis of the hand and wrist

Selected publications

SKINTEGRITY.CH Principal Investigators are underlined:

  • Gröninger O, Hess S, Mohn D, Schneider E, Stark W, Märsmann S, Wolint P, Calcagni M, Cinelli P, and Buschmann J (2020). Directing stem cell commitment by amorphous calcium phosphate nanoparticles incorporated in PLGA: Relevance of the free calcium ion concentration. Int J Mol Sci. 21: 2627.
  • Reissner L, Politikou O, Fischer G, and Calcagni M (2020). In-vivo three-dimensional motion analysis of the wrist during dart-throwing motion after midcarpal fusion and radioscapholunate fusion. J Hand Surg Eur Vol 45: 501-507.
  • Kamat P, Frueh FS, McLuckie M, Sanchez-Macedo N, Wolint P, Lindenblatt N, Plock JA, Calcagni M, and Buschmann J (2020). Adipose tissue and the vascularization of biomaterials: Stem cells, microvascular fragments and nanofat-a review. Cytotherapy 22: 400-411.
  • Calcagni M, Zimmermann S, Scaglioni MF, Giesen T, Giovanoli P, and Fakin RM (2018). The novel treatment of SVF-enriched fat grafting for painful end-neuromas of superficial radial nerve. Microsurgery 38: 264-269.