• SKINTEGRITY.CH is a collaborative research initiative, which brings together experts from different disciplines from Swiss and selected external institutions to address the following overarching aims:

  • •  To gain a mechanistic understanding of skin repair and disease using a highly interdisciplinary approach
    •  To develop novel approaches for improved diagnosis and treatment of impaired wound healing and inflammatory and malignant skin diseases
    •  To provide an interdisciplinary training for the next generation of scientists, clinicians and engineers

  • SKINTEGRITY.CH is based on the Zurich Initiative “SKINTEGRITY”, which was selected as flagship project of Hochschulmedizin Zürich (HMZ) in 2016 (visit their homepage here). Due to its remarkable success and positive evaluation of new projects, the program was recently prolonged and extended.

Cancer Research cover of October 2022

Cancer Research cover

The publication by SKINTEGRITY.CH Young Investigator Michael Cangkrama et al., about the discovery of a key role of mitochondria in the protumorigenic CAF phenotype and an activin A–mDia2–MIRO1 signaling axis in CAFs, was featured on the cover of the October issue of Cancer Research. Read the publication here.

    Lung fibrosis

    Immunotherapy reduces lung and liver fibrosis in mice

    Chronic disease often leads to fibrosis, a condition in which organ tissue suffers from excessive scarring. In a great collaboration, SKINTEGRITY.CH PI Prof. Christian Stockmann at the University of Zurich and an international team of colleagues (including our PIs Profs. Oliver Distler, Lukas Sommer and Sabine Werner as well as the Young Investigators Jing Chen, Zheng Fan and Elena Pachera) developed an immunotherapy that specifically targets the cause – activated fibroblasts – while leaving normal connective tissue cells unharmed. If this approach is also found to work in humans, it could lead to an effective treatment for fibrosis.

    Read the full press release or the scientific publication in Cell Stem Cell.

    (In the image: air-filled alveoli in healthy lung tissue on the left, versus fibrotic tissue on the right. © Christian Stockmann)

      3R collaboration Dengjel / Tibbitt

      SKINTEGRITY.CH collaboration "Advancing 3R"

      The SNSF has an "Advancing 3R" programme towards the more ethical use of animals in research (based on the principles of Replacement, Reduction and Refinement). SKINTEGRITY.CH PIs Prof. Jörn Dengjel and Prof. Mark Tibbitt were awarded a grant from this programme, for their collaborative project, which also involves SKINTEGRITY.CH PIs Prof. Jürg Hafner, Prof. Edoardo Mazza and Prof. Sabine Werner as research partners. Read a press release from the University of Fribourg here: "Fewer animal experiments thanks to artificial models."

        Skin matters!

        Listen to the latest episode of the ETH Podcast, where Professors Sabine Werner, Edoardo Mazza and Lukas Sommer give their enthusiastic insights into SKINTEGRITY.CH (the podcast is also available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts).

          Award ceremony with Tanja Ruppen, Thomas Kündig and Michael Cangkrama

          Skin Cancer Award 2021

          SKINTEGRITY.CH Young Investigator Dr. Michael Cangkrama wins the 2021 Pierre Fabre-Avène Swiss Skin Cancer Award. We congratulate him and wish him all the best for his ongoing research!


            Social Media

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              Young Investigator Award

              Young Investigator Award

              Out of several collaborative and interdisciplinary scientific papers, all published in 2021, the Young Investigator Award was given to Adam Wahlsten and Dominic Rütsche for their excellent work. Congratulations!


                Optoacoustic imaging

                A wonderful SKINTEGRITY.CH collaboration led to a publication about optoacoustic imaging of angiogenesis in healing wounds in Advanced Science. Read the full paper here.

                  Spark Award 2020

                  Spark Award 2020

                  SKINTEGRITY.CH member Prof. Helma Wennemers and Dr. Matthew Aronoff are the winners of the Spark Award 2020. The Spark Award is given for the most promising invention at ETH Zurich resulting in a patent application.

                    Lighting up LOX

                    The work of Matthew Aronoff et al. demonstrates how their invention of a reactive collagen peptide can light up lysyl oxidase (LOX) activity in remodeling collagen in vivo and in situ, as shown in stains of healthy skin and cancer sections. Read it here!

                      Lorenza Paganella wins award

                      SSBRM presentation award

                      Congratulations to SKINTEGRITY.CH Young Investigator Lorenza Garau Paganella for her first prize for oral presentations at the 2022, 26th Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine (SSBRM)!

                        Skin bioengineering

                        SKINTEGRITY.CH PIs Prof. Reichmann and Prof. Mazza collaborated for a paper in the June edition of Biomaterials by Adam Wahlsten et al. that investigates the influence of mechanical stimulation on proliferation and maturation of fibroblasts in human skin substitutes. Read it here!


                          Scientifica 2021

                          SKINTEGRITY.CH will be present at the Scientifica - Zurich Science Days on Sept. 4th and 5th 2021. Visit our part of the exhibition in the ETH main building (Nordhof), or come to our public lecture on Sunday Sept. 5th at noon (ETH HG F5). Detailed information can be found here (for the exhibition) and here (for the public lecture).

                            ETH News article

                            The ETH News highlights the collaborative work of SKINTEGRITY.CH PIs Prof. Wennemers and Prof. Werner and their teams.